Active projects

Clamp is a framework for Ruby command-line applications.

Pith is the static website generator used to create this site.

ShamRack is a Ruby library that makes it easy to stub-out external HTTP services, for testing.

Enumerating and Lazily provide lazy operations on Ruby collections.

Representative makes it easy to create XML or JSON representations of Ruby objects.

arboreal is an ActiveRecord extension to support navigation of tree-shaped data.

Older projects

(I'm no longer active on the following projects ...)

BasketCase makes Rational ClearCase ever-so-slightly less painful to use.

Selenium is a web-testing tool. I was an active contributer in the early days.

vDoclet is Java tool used to generate J2EE code, based on Javadoc comments. I also contributed to QDox - a fast JavaDoc parser, used by vDoclet.