KDE 3.3 vs IPv6

3 Feb, 2005

A while back, KDE 3.3 made it's way into Debian, and thence onto my home PC. Around about the same time, my web-browser (Konqueror) got very, very sluggish. My dear wife uses this machine too, so I haven't been popular.

It's taken me until now to figure it out. It seems to be related to IPv6 DNS lookups. I'm stuck behind an ADSL modem/router/firewall, which acts as a DNS proxy, and I guess it doesn't handle IPv6 too well.

Luckily it's a known problem, and there's a workaround: setting the environment variable KDE_NO_IPV6 to "true" tells KDE to disable IPv6 address DNS lookups.

So, having added the following to /etc/environment


I can now retain my sanity whilst browsing.